Osprey Seafood was born in 1977 when Peter Bird - hailing from Dedham Mass. - saw a need for quality seafood from the East Coast. With his best friend Al Glidden, living in Narragansett Rhode Island, they started overnight shipping of fresh high-quality seafood into SF. While SF had seen plenty of good quality local seafood, they had not been exposed to this type of quality from the East Coast. Business grew quickly and soon Peter was buying fantastic local fish from fishermen. By the early 1980's, Osprey's reputation of quality fish melded nicely with the "Food Revolution" that was taking place.

Mike Weinberg-Lynn joined Osprey in 1983 as a driver and rapidly fell in love with the industry. It was in 1983 that Osprey dipped their toe into the Napa Valley and forever a connection was born. Osprey's devotion to the Napa Valley was made more evident when they opened their retail shop in 2002! By 1985 Mike had become a co-owner with Peter. Their idea of selling the highest quality seafood possible combined with unmatchable service made Osprey stand out.

In 1987, Peter decided to step aside leaving Mike at the helm as Osprey moved to its permanent home on Pier 33. Luckily for Osprey in 2000, Mike was joined by his younger brother Pat, making it truly a family business! Mike and the entire Osprey team still stick to and continue pursuing Osprey's motto of having the best quality and service in the business!



As a physiological psychology graduate from UCSB, Mike looked forward to a professional future in the laboratories of the Bay Area. Newly married and with high hopes, he moved his family to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco only to find a hiring freeze up and down the peninsula. After several months of selling wedding presents to make rent, his life took one of those turns. Upon a chance meeting with a neighbor who owned the fish store across the street, Mike begged for any job at all. The neighbor, Peter Bird, hired Mike as a driver for $5 per hour. It was September of 1983 and Mike fell in love with the business from the very start. As he learned the day-to-day operations, his passion for fish and the people who worked with it grew. In December of 1986, Mike excitingly took the plunge and purchased a major share in Osprey Seafood. By 1989, Mike invested all he had in Osprey Seafood and became the sole owner. Since then, Mike's goal to serve the entire Napa Valley area has resulted in the retail store at Wine Country Avenue. 29 years later and he still loves fish!


Napa Valley (Retail)
1014 Wine Country Ave
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 252-9120
Tues-Sat: 10 AM to 7 PM
Sun: 10 AM to 6 PM

San Francisco (Wholesale)
(415) 291-0156